Month: February 2019

“buying cocaine for **** *******” by Scott Laudati

i was just about to quit for good. it was another day carrying bags up and down stairs while guests stood in front of the elevators and complained that they were taking too long. guests who had just gotten done bitching about the lobby, that the air conditioning “was too cold,” that new york had Read More

Thick Paint and Heavy Thoughts: Art Collection

By Liza Julia Dennis, Spring 2019 Art Editor A message from the artist: With everything going on in the U.S., I just want to say that maybe it’s time we put our phones down for longer. Maybe it’s time we see the ones we love more often instead of texting them. Maybe it’s time we Read More

The Sienese Shredder: A Completed Vision

By Macy Meyer, 2018-19 Creative Nonfiction Editor Like many other magazines in today’s surplus, The Sienese Shredder was destined for a short life. During its four years of operation, it may not have made a household name out of itself, but it managed to publish work from influential writers, such as John Ashbery, and artists, Read More

Great Spots for Baltimore Book Lovers

Rachel Villa, online nonfiction editor Normal’s Book & Records – Waverly This quirky bookstore in Northern Baltimore is a bookworm’s dream, hosting dim nooks of floor to ceiling books, an impressive collection of vinyl records, and, most notably, a mouse pad with a blown up photo of Nicolas Cage’s face sitting on a shelf next Read More

Read Greedy in Baltimore

Rebecca Wesloh, marketing and publicity director A small independent bookstore opened in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore in March of 2018. Greedy Reads sits at the corner of Aliceanna and Ann Street, two blocks from the water. Narrow red and blue stained glass windows run the two exterior walls and cast shadows across the Read More

Interview with Stephanie Buckley

Stephanie Buckley is a Towson University alum with a B.S. in Electronic Media and Film and a minor in Creative Writing. Her nonfiction works have been published in Grub Street’s volume 64 and volume 66. In the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s national competition for essays in magazines, her essay “Sleep Study” won second place and “Persistence of Vision” Read More