What is Grub Street?
Founded in 1952, Grub Street is Towson University’s literary journal. Published annually, Grub Street features fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art.

Where can I find a copy of Grub Street?
Grub Street magazine racks are located many places on the Towson University campus, including the second floor entrance of the University Union, the entrances to the Liberal Arts building, the lobby of Enrollment Services, and others. We are working on making the archives available online.

Who can submit to Grub Street?
Anyone is welcome to submit! You do not have to attend Towson University to submit to Grub Street.

How do I submit to Grub Street?
Our submission process is entirely online on Submittable. After creating an account, upload your work under the appropriate category you wish to submit. This account also allows you to monitor the status of your submission.

How will I know if you received my submission?
Once you upload your submission, you will receive a confirmation email via Submittable.

When do I find out if I’m going to be published?
We will not know which submissions make it to the magazine until after our spring submission deadline. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, please expect a delay in receiving an acceptance or a rejection email. We will contact you through Submittable when we make a decision regarding your work.

Listen, I know you say only previously unpublished works can be submitted, but I’ve put my submission on my blog before…
Unfortunately, under our guidelines, any work of yours found on the Internet, including on blogs, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc), or on any website, counts as being published. Therefore, we wouldn’t be able to accept it for consideration.

Still have questions? Email us!