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The Best Stories Break Hearts

By Morgan Middleton, 2018-19 editor-in-chief Honesty? What does it mean? More importantly, what does it feel like? To me, it feels like Little Fiction and Big Truths.  The moment I read the journal’s title, I felt inclined to click. Because to me, and I’m…

December 11, 2018
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An Unfinished Look to It: Fence Magazine

By Miguel Gracia, 2018-19 managing editor I knew that I needed to read Fence from the moment that I saw its bright pink cover. I thought it was eccentric and intriguing, and that is exactly what the Spring/Winter 2015 issue of Fence is, from cover…

December 6, 2018
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The Mystery of Glitterature: GlitterMOB Magazine

By Natalie Jeffery, 2018-19 managing editor I always looked forward to the number candle placed atop my birthday cake. The years without it always left me with a twinge of disappointment. Sadly, individual memories of birthdays and cakes and candles from childhood have begun…

December 4, 2018
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Q&A with Divinia Shorter

Divinia Shorter is a Towson University graduate with a B.A. in Theatre Studies and minor in Creative Writing. Published in Grub Street, her poem “Mixed Sestina” won first place in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s national competition for closed (traditional) form poetry. A writer of…

November 30, 2018
Blog Interviews

Interview with Poet Matthew Thorburn

In his sixth poetry collection, Dear Almost, Matthew Thorburn tries to answer the question, “How do you grieve for someone you never knew?” If you were to compare the force of his words to nature, they would be a stream instead of a river.…

November 27, 2018
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Cabinet Review

by Talore Bishop, 2018-19 Baltimore editor and co-director of social media Losing my best friend after high school was a significant moment in my life. We had been friends since the second grade. We knew each other inside and out. I confided in her,…

November 13, 2018